Hey guys, it’s me again. Sorry I have only been doing 1 post a week, life is getting really hectic! My teachers all decide to put tests really close to one another and also decided to force us to voulenteer as well as have weekly group projects that involve work outside of school. It has been SO HARD! But I really wanted to make a post so here it is. There won’t be any pictures or flashy things listed, but it’ll give you a preview to what will come in the next week! (I have a goal to write at least three times! Let’s see it happen! :) ) For starters I FINALLY went grocery shopping! :) I have sworn for the millionth time that I am going to try to eat more on the healthy side, so here is dinner list I have come up with.


In no particular order:

Chili with bread (I hate corn so some sort of thick bread)

Mushroom Tips (Veganized Beef tips I plan on attempting) with mashed potatoes and rice

Chickpea Alfredo with broccoli

Stir fry with dumplings and Mushroom Soup

Tortilla Soup

So it’ll be a pretty eventful week, lets see how much I ACTUALLY cook. I also decided to drink a whole fruit smoothie each morning this week which will include spinach. I also plan on eating leftovers throughout the week (which screws me over for tomorrow, but PBJ will have to be okay lol)

I also volunteered this past weekend at a local food kitchen type place and I plan on writing about my experience at some point! I also have drafted a pattern for a clutch (purse) and will share that too.


I don’t know if you can tell but I am exhausted  Even more important is the fact that I don’t want to work tomorrow. :( But all will be well. I plan on sharing my cooking adventures throughout the week! :) So we shall see how this goes! XD

These are a few of my favorite things!

Man, it has been SO busy! I had two tests this week, a group project, and an super awful allergy attack that forced me to miss work and go to the doctor. >_< So i haven’t really had the chance to go grocery shopping, or to cook for that matter. Our cabinets look like the victims of a robbery! Ya know, the kind where they take all the good stuff and leave things like a can of peas, 2 packs of Ramen and like… a creamed corn. Oh yeah, it’s that bad. So I’ve been living off the 10 million pound tub of peanut butter I own (gotta love bulk!) and putting it on whatever bread/cracker/spoon i could find. Oh, and Oreos. Tons of them. Like seriously, you have no idea! I think my roommates might suspect I have a binge eating problem from the wrappers XD With that being said, I don’t really have anything to contribute recipe wise. :( Unless yall want a how to on a PBJ! Hehehe

Besides all that has happened, I do have some stuff of interest to post. I managed to use all my study time for something useful; CRAFTING! :) I know, i probably shouldn’t brag about misplaced study time, but sometimes you just gotta let go of things and relax. (And panic a week before the next test!) So I managed to do a few things. For starters, I bought a really cheap and neat looking shirt from Goodwill and applied some cool surgery techniques to it!

*I used THIS for inspiration! :)*


I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! :) The shirt was just toooo cool to pass up! It was super easy and super fun to do. I plan on going out to buy more soon! :)

Then I decided to make some zipper makeup bags. Now, I would like to start by saying that I am HORRIBLE at drafting patterns. It isn’t my thing, I am too impatient and math impaired to do such a thing. However  I have made over a bajillion little bags in my time so I felt that I could master it. Luckily for me It wasn’t too hard. I ended up with three bags, all three were almost identical. My first test bag I was silly and I thought to add clear vinyl on the inside at the last moment, so putting that zipper in was a MAJOR BUTT! I really liked the idea that a zipper bag should have vinyl on the inside so you can clean it up easier when your eyeliner decided it is time to explode! >_< Anyway, I made three, gave one to my sister, and the one after the BF wanted so he could hold manly things in it like paint for his miniatures or something similar… (we all know it is because it is Star Wars XD) The third one I put up in my Etsy, I was already in the zone, so I figured why not! XD So here are the pics I took.

That is the front, :) I love it so much!

This is mostly for size reference.

And this one is on its side. See the zipper XD So basically that is what my week/weekend consisted of. Me making a pattern and sewing it, going to the thrift stores, pretending to do school work, and getting sick. Could have been worse right?!? Well I plan on going to the grocery store on Wednesday, so hopefully I will have something fun and delish to review then. But for now I will be munching on PBJ sammies like a boss!! :)

Oh would yall be interested in a makeup bag  tutorial?  It is super easy to dom and I feel it turned out pretty spiffy! :) If anyone wants it, ill make sure to post one next weekend. :)

Later Days!


Hey guys, Amanda here. I just wanna start by saying YAY! FIRST BLOG POST!! I felt like this really needed mentioning! XD Anyway I want to hurry up and get my hands dirty and give y’all two things; A recipe review and a recipe! :) So let’s get started!

So I am fairly new to being vegan, but I have always had a soft spot for collecting vegan cookbooks. (I had always wanted to go completely vegan, but the cheese lover in me would cry!) So today I will be reviewing a recipe from a cookbook, which is none other than Vegan Eats World by Terry Romero.

Even though I have just bought this book, it doesn’t mean that I am unfamiliar with this author. In fact, if you don’t know her, or Isa Moskowitz for that matter,  YOU SHOULD! They have coauthored many a cookbook, but my personal favorite is the VEGANOMICON! (A cookbook must for any vegan/H.P Lovecraft lover) Anyway, I would never have survived without their guidance! I am forever grateful! Anyway, this book has some really amazing recipes I can’t wait to try, but today I will be reviewing my experience with Terry’s Gyro Roasted Seitan.

The Seitan Experience: So Terry has a recipe for seitan called “Lemon and Olive Chickpea Seitan. Since I wanted something as close to the delishness that is a gyro, I decided to give this a whirl. I feel like it is really important for me to say that I had only made seitan one other time and it turned out HORRID! I mean it was bad. So I am really pleased to say that Terry’s method of making this seitan was FOOLPROOF! Take it from this fool, it was easy!


That is a pic of the glorious seitan, post kneading. It was really fun to knead! XD


And here is a picture of the finished seitan! :) It looks amazing!

SO! I t was really easy to make and I am very pleased with the results. So now that I had my seitan, it was time to finally be able to follow the recipe. Basically it was a marinade recipe and it had me cut strips of the seitan and soak it in there. Now I kept mine in a bit longer, mostly because I wasn’t ready to cook mine at the time.  Of course that is Okay, because I think the longer it sits the better. XD


Doesn’t that look super delish as it soaks in the garlicky lemony goodness!?!?!  After the oven preheated, you pop these bad boys in, turn em a few times,  and VIOLA! These boys turned out AMAZING!! The chickpeas in the seitain adds a really nice grainy texture which reminded me of the lamb gyro I have had before. By itself, the seitan was very mild, but had the nice texture and slight lemony garlic taste. The real magic happened when you put your gyro together, aka cover it with tzatziki sauce!  I couldn’t really get a great photo, mostly because I had made a huge mess and was toooooooo lazy to clean it up. But here is the best shot I got.


Did I mention it was really yummy?!?!? This honestly was the best Gyro I have had in a while! And before I committed to being vegan I had gone to yia yia marys in Houston. If you like Gyros as much as I do, then do yourself a favor and try Terry’s recipe! :)

Now for the recipe part! Terry has a recipe for a tzatziki sauce is her book, but I didn’t have tofu on hand. I also live in a very rural area and soy yogurt is basically impossible. So I decided to try my hand at making a tzatziki sauce.  I was really worried because I didn’t have the two main things all the recipes I was reading had. I feel really happy to say that the tzatziki sauce turned out really amazing! :) I didn’t really have  a written recipe, so this will be a rough estimate. NOTE: This made a BUTT TON of tzatziki sauce for my crew, I would say about 2 1/2 cups.


3/4 cups raw cashews

2 Tbsp Chia seeds

1 cucumber, nice and diced

1/2 cup soymilk

4 cloves garlic

1 lemon (More might be nice, I ran out of lemons!)

DILL! Fresh! I used….maybe  3-5 Tbsp? I love dill, so I used a bunch! 

Salt and pepper

**Fair warning, I love garlicy stuff and I love dill! Adjust to your taste.** 

Basically all I did was throw everything minus the chia seeds into the food processor (I first did the cucumber and soy milk, then added the cashews) After all was done, popped the chia seeds in and pulsed. I let it sit for a few minutes so it would thicken up.

The sauce turned out perfect! It was fresh and cucumber like with a nice thickness to it. I was worried that it was going to be thin and runny, so I threw the chia seeds in. I would say it turned to a nice slightly watered down sour cream texture. I also did NOT soak my cashews, so my tzatziki sauce had a grainy texture to it. I really enjoyed that about it! All in all I will be making this again! :)