Hey guys, it’s me again. Sorry I have only been doing 1 post a week, life is getting really hectic! My teachers all decide to put tests really close to one another and also decided to force us to voulenteer as well as have weekly group projects that involve work outside of school. It has been SO HARD! But I really wanted to make a post so here it is. There won’t be any pictures or flashy things listed, but it’ll give you a preview to what will come in the next week! (I have a goal to write at least three times! Let’s see it happen! :) ) For starters I FINALLY went grocery shopping! :) I have sworn for the millionth time that I am going to try to eat more on the healthy side, so here is dinner list I have come up with.


In no particular order:

Chili with bread (I hate corn so some sort of thick bread)

Mushroom Tips (Veganized Beef tips I plan on attempting) with mashed potatoes and rice

Chickpea Alfredo with broccoli

Stir fry with dumplings and Mushroom Soup

Tortilla Soup

So it’ll be a pretty eventful week, lets see how much I ACTUALLY cook. I also decided to drink a whole fruit smoothie each morning this week which will include spinach. I also plan on eating leftovers throughout the week (which screws me over for tomorrow, but PBJ will have to be okay lol)

I also volunteered this past weekend at a local food kitchen type place and I plan on writing about my experience at some point! I also have drafted a pattern for a clutch (purse) and will share that too.


I don’t know if you can tell but I am exhausted  Even more important is the fact that I don’t want to work tomorrow. :( But all will be well. I plan on sharing my cooking adventures throughout the week! :) So we shall see how this goes! XD

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